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                    Thank you for visiting the virtual studio of Marge Bennett's Contemporary Art.

            Recent Work

          Origins/Seed Series 

             Pink Blooms             Origins Seeds Flower Tree

                          Pinks                                 Tulips                          Flower Trees 


                                   St. Armand's Circle, Sarasota    "Shop Walk"                 Ready to Serve, St. Armand's Circle   "Ready to Serve"

       These paintings are part of the Series, "Around Town", that should be ready for the Fall and Winter Season.           

                              Color Garden    

    This piece is new and is a branching out of the Tree Series. It is 24 X48" and is painted with acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas.         


                                         Watercolor painting of flower trees and dragon flies

                            A return to watercolor on paper, this recent whimsical painting has an image size of 22X30". 


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Room Series is still growing:


Room With City View                Room With View                      Room With Lamp                        Room With

                      The above paintings are watercolor on paper, framed to 36X28". They are for sale at $800 each.    

Recently added to this series: 




Happily Sold                                                          Tea for Three, Van Gogh, Matisse and Me               Tea Squares 12x12"  each








                  Happily SOLD                                                     Sold                               Sold                             





                                    Vase on Stripes.jpg (102143 bytes)      Imagined Garden in Vase15X20.jpg (97252 bytes)       Iris New.jpg (110377 bytes)       Ode to Joy II.jpg (101225 bytes)       Ode to Joy III.jpg (119595 bytes)       Noah4.jpg (73640 bytes)   

                                                Vase & Stripes     Imagined Garden      Iris Garden II         Ode To Joy II          Ode To Joy III                 Noah's Arc IV      

                                                   These images are giclees on paper. They are matted to 18X20 or 22". The Price is $80 ea.


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