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       Around Town

              Ready to Open at St. Armand Circle   "Ready to Serve"     Shoppers at St. Armand Circle    "Shop Walk"      Painting of Corner in Sarasota   "Sarasota Corner"


       Tropical Series.

       Click on any image for description and information          



                     Palmetto 1

      Fashion Series

        The Originals in this series are not for sale. Prints are available, matted and ready to frame in standard sizes:  8X10", 11X14"and 16X20"

        Again, click the image for a larger image and pricing details. 

                     Fashion Print             See How Much I Saved                 If The Shoe Fits                   Hat Racks



        Tree Series           

     The trees below are part of a growing series of digital/acrylic paintings. Click image for details.  

                   White Woods          Imagined Grove          Wind Surfers           Misty Pink

       Tree images are available as small giclee prints: Images at 5X7" or 12X18". Prices on request.


          Room Series 

                       A Room With Art              A Room With Lamp             Room With City View                A Room With Flowers                            

                                       A Room With A Water View                   A Room With A Sofa           


             Landscapes and Flowers              

              The Dragon Flies Tonight             C-Newbloom.JPG (53129 bytes)           C-Bl_Hibiscus.JPG (25233 bytes)          

              The Dragon Flies Tonight                                           New Blooms                                             Blue Hibiscus                                  Dizzy Garden

                      Moonlit Garden

                                   Moonlit Garden